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We create tailor-made
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  • Tailor-made, unique – your very own journey.explore more
    One X
  • Be on the road, experience – and arrive.explore more
    One Tour
  • Simple, uncomplicated – extraordinary.explore more
    One Trip
  • Invite, surprise – and enchant.explore more
    One Moment


OneX is the great journey, an experience that begins long before the trip. For OneX we develop the itinerary completely according to your wishes, desires and needs.



Get out, enjoy, discover. With OneTour we have developed exclusive experiences that deserve their name: Each one leads into a special world, immersing our clients in an expérience extraordinaire.



OneTrip stands for our personal selection of breathtaking destinations, romantic hideaways and extraordinary hotels, resorts and houses that are not listed in any travel guide.



Whether birthdays, weddings, incentives, festivities or anniversaries. Our specialty: slowly building up suspense with big and small secrets – and planning an impressive experience in the background with our clients.


OUR service


01 Before the journey

… let’s go on a discovery tour and the destination is you. We don’t ask where do you want to go? We ask: where do you want your journey to take you? And we don’t mean places. We mean you: what experience do you want to have? How do you want to feel when you return home? To understand this, we sit down with you – in one conversation or several – until we are sure what travel experience you have in mind, internally and externally, as a person, as a couple or as a community. Only then do we develop a journey that has only one goal: to become a wonderful experience in your life.

02 On the road

… we won’t leave you alone unless you want to be left alone. Our travel concepts are like a map of possibilities and paths, where you decide where to go at any time. We never plan just one journey. We plan possibilities – surprises, encounters and experiences that we have in store for you and can flexibly change at any time.

03 After the journey

… is before the memories. Whether event or travel documentation, whether it’s a digital travel diary or high-quality coffee-table book: So that you can enjoy everything to the full during your trip, we take care of additional following highlights. From the digital travel diary to the high-quality coffee-table book (edition of one). After you can relive your experiences and moments at any time and share them with your and share them with your loved ones.

What our clients say

For me, Onexperience is the epitome of avant-garde travel planning. They do not just curate trips, they create immersive experiences that touch the soul. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of my trip is handled with finesse from start to finish. Working with them is not just about booking a holiday; it’s about engaging in a seamless adventure that is entirely tailored to individual needs and beyond. In a world where the extraordinary is coveted, Onexperience is the key that unlocks the unique and aspirational for me. Thank you for fantastic times in Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, …

Maximilian Singhoff Jul 2023
What our clients say

We love to travel, to get to know foreign countries and cultures. However, we are so busy at work that we don’t have the time to research and plan. In 2021, Onexperience planned and implemented a trip individually and tailored to our needs for the first time – and it was terrific. We are very satisfied and will remain with this great service in the future, which we wouldn’t want to do without. The personal advice in advance, which only ends when the trip fully suits us, the fine and unconventional curation on site, the choice of hotels, as well as a service that also responds to our spontaneous wishes during the trip. You can feel how the Onexperience team cares about our personal well-being. We are very satisfied!

Anita Tillmann May 2022
What our clients say

After seeing all the great sports venues in the world during my active time as a footballer, I rediscovered the world with Onexperience! My world trip was perfectly planned and took me to remote corners of the world and fascinating places full of great encounters. With Onexperience I travelled America, Cuba, Hawaii, Canada, India and Australia – they were unforgettable moments and memories! Thank you for the excellent support; I look forward to more dream trips with you!

Sebastian Kehl Jun 2022
What our clients say

My professional life has taken me to many different places and events around the world, with very different experiences and challenges. Working with personalities on a professional basis has also shown me how demanding people can be when it comes to their travels. Onexperience does an incredible job of ensuring a perfectly organized trip, put together with attention to detail to individual wishes, in every place in the world, with every wish of the traveler in mind. My own holidays with Onexperience were fascinating experiences with many wonderful memories. Thank you for the great work, and see you on your next trip.

Thorsten König Apr 2023

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